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Course Outline:

Start your journey of Cryptocurrency with GlobalSkill. As we all know, Internet is the new media and is here to stay. Crytocurency involves Internet Money, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and many more like such. GlobalSkill is here with subject experts to help you understand the history and importance of Cryptocurrency. Register now for more details!

The course then dives into advance topics gradually:

  • Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Web 3.0 
  • History of Financial Systems 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Altcoins (Ethereum, IOTA, NEO, Cardano) 
  • Crypto Exchange Account Opening 
  • Cryptocurrency Trading 
  • Crypto Wisdom, Jargon, and Influencers 
  • Tokenization 
– Age 18-45
– Demography
– Domain: BFSI Sector, Finance, FinTech, Investment,
– Profession: Investors, Bankers, Analysts, CXOs, Executives, Traders, Students, Managers
Anyone who wants to learn about Cryptocurrencies and don’t have any idea where to start.
In Future, every asset will be backed by a Token. A new economy called Token Economy is getting created, which is backed by Cryptocurrencies. If you want to become part of the future and want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and what is the technology behind them. This is the course for you.
– Covers the basics of Cryptocurrency Technology
– Explains how the technology works and why its so valuable
– How to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges and what security measures should be taken into consideration while trading them
The course gives you the idea how future will look like and how to prepare yourself for the future. In the last module, we discuss about Tokenization – Future of Economy.
Learn about the basics of cryptocurrency technology and then learn how to leverage those learning to real life by learning how to trade.
After every module, there will be a quiz and after completion of the course there will be final quiz on the complete syllabus.
– How to trade cryptocurrencies
– Instruments used to raise money using cryptocurrencies
– Techniques used to trade cryptocurrencies
– Deep understanding of Cryptocurrency Technology

2 reviews for Cryptocurrency

  1. Henry Anderson

    Good experience and knowledgeable course on cryptocurrency. The cost of the course was great compared to other educational institutes.

  2. Darcie Carter

    After completing “cryptocurrency” course by GlobalSkill you’ll know everything you need to know and will be able to separate fact from fiction when reading claims about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency. Thanks to Joe Campbell from the customer care team for helping me to choose this course.

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