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Customer Service Management

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Course Description:

Want to know about the roles and responsibilities of a Customer Service Manager? Study the right ethics of Customer Service Management. Determine dos and don’ts of the field and much more. All you have to do is register with GlobalSkill and get enrolled for the advanced course of Customer Service Management.

 The course then defines the below topics in great details:
  • The importance of Customer Service.
  • Importance of BPO in Customer Support Service.
  • 16 key customer service skills in the Outsourcing Industry.
  • Customer Service in Retail Business.
  • Four key principles of Customer Service in the Retail Business
  • Different types of customers in the Retail Business
  • Type of customers to take care of after purchase or service in the Retail and Outsourcing Business.
  • What are 10 types of Customer Service Channels?
  • How to Appreciate Customers?
Customer Service Management Course Outline:
  1. What is customer service and how do you go about serving your customers in a professional way?
  2. Importance of customer service & different ways Customer satisfaction correlates with business results
  3. Key Customer service skills in the Outsourcing Industry
  4. Key principles of Customer Service in the Retail Industry
  5. Different types of customers in the Retail Business
  6. Importance of BPO Customer Service and Call Centre
  7. And lots more!

Frequently Asked Questions :

– Anyone above the age of 18,
– People looking to make Customer Service as their future career
– Open to all who are interested in providing excellent customer service
For Customer Service Agents, Supervisors, Relationship Managers and Leaders
– Front Line Customer Service & Call Centre agents in the Retail and Outsourcing industry
– Customer Service Supervisors and Managers in the Retail and Outsourcing Industry
– Anyone managing a company or Customer Service Project be it in start-up or a big organization.
– Freelancers and entrepreneurs who handle customers on a daily basis
– Organizations who want to take their customer support to an higher level of excellence
– 15 days money back guarantee
– Retail and Outsourcing Customer Service covered with images and Quizzes
– Different methods of Customer Service channels
– Turn every customer into a loyal customer and repeat customers
– Case studies
– You will learn how to effectively communicate with customers
– Why is customer service so important
– Will learn how to appreciate customers
– Will learn how to handle irate customers
– Different methods of customer service channels
– To learn the importance of customer service in the BPO and Retail industry
– To enhance one’s customer service skills
– To gain more knowledge in dealing with different types of customers
– How to take care of customers after purchase and service in the Retail and Outsourcing business
– To learn how to appreciate customers and ways to show appreciation to customers
– It will help the participants in turning negative scenarios into positive experience
– Learn how to improve your company’s reputation by giving good customer support and get more business for the company
– This will help the front line and customer service agents to tackle different types of customers
– It will help people who are looking at starting customer service career in the BPO and Retail industry
– For participants who are looking at moving to the higher role
– To move to a higher role and be able to lead the customer service team
– Stand apart from the other colleagues knowledge wise
– To be able to handle a entire customer service project for the company
– E-Learning
– Images
– Quizzes
– Case Studies
-Participants will learn key customer service skills and how to use them in an effective manner be it in the Retail and Outsourcing business.

2 reviews for Customer Service Management

  1. Violet Myers

    Customer service management course by GlobalSkill teaches how companies manage their relationships with customers it has a pioneering structure on how companies improve customer loyalty and retention by exceeding customer expectations with great service. A very thorough course on customer relations.

  2. Isabella Wright

    Customer Service Management course teaches techniques of grouping key applications and capabilities into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs change and allows giving a very benevolent customer experience and services a very descent course by GlobalSkill, same goes with their customer care thanks to Joe Campbell.

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