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Scrum Master Agile Certification – Basic

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Scrum Master Agile overview:

Gain in-depth knowledge about Scrum and Agile relationships. Just like a Scrum Master, GlobalSkill is an assistant that will help you in boosting your capability. An Agile Scrum Master smoothly changes the environment and produces products according to the latest trends of the market. GlobalSkill provides you the opportunity to gather all the knowledge required to become one of the leading Scrum Masters. Get in touch with a professional Scrum Trainer today, contact us.

 Course Index:

  • Agile Way of Thinking.
  • Scrum practices.
  • Scrum Planning and Estimation.
  • Monitoring Scrum Projects.
  • Advanced Scrum Concepts.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course was created by Scrum and Agile subject matter experts & leading global coaches.
You will get an accredited certificate of completion.
This course will open career opportunities for you, not to mention the fact of increasing your chance to land on that dream job!
Scrum is the most popular agile methodology in the world, with tons of job opportunities advertised daily for people who know about Scrum.
You will get expert case studies and up to date white papers every month.
You will receive a Certificate of Completion that will be an asset in your curriculum vitae.
You will get real life practical examples that will help you to apply in your ongoing projects and profession.
You will get industry specific case studies.
This course will give you an edge over others in the scrum field.
This course has been designed with a focus on quality and simplicity making it ideal for Beginners.
Aspiring Scrum Masters,
People who want Agile Scrum Certification,
People who want to open the door to new job opportunities,
People who want to learn about Agile and Scrum,
People passionate about Agile and Scrum principles,
People curious about Agile and Scrum workings &
People who want to understand the differences between waterfall and scrum methodologies.

2 reviews for Scrum Master Agile Certification – Basic

  1. Eddrick Taylor

    If you are a professional – take this course. This is behind the scenes of how major companies actually work at all levels.

  2. Darcy Hill

    If you don’t have access to a university library, you will be very limited, but the course presents some alternatives for us professionals who are still interested in researching and documenting our work with a more scientific approach.

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