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Scrum Product Owner

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Course Description:

Are you looking for a qualified trainer for Scrum? Your search ends now! Be a part of GlobalSkill and learn all you need to know about Scrum. Register with us to know about our professionals that will guide you through the complexities of Scrum Product Owner. Get evaluated on the basis of your course and obtain a certification for the same. Join us now and become a certified Scrum Product Owner.

 Scrum Product Owner Course Outline:

  1. Cynefin Model
  2. What is Agile?
  3. What is Scrum?
  4. Scrum Roles
  5. Scrum Events
  6. Scrum Artifacts
  7. Complementary Concepts of Scrum
  8. Scrum Values
  9. Estimation
  10. Value Stream Pipeline
  11. Scaled Scrum
  12. PSM I Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Age: 18-70: All people who work in product development especially in software industry.
Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Analysts, Product Managers, Testers, UI/UX Designers, Quality Assurance Specialists, Software Architects, and IT Managers
Learn how to address your projects through an adaptive approach while controlling risks
Participants learn to distinguish projects based on their level of uncertainty.
Learn how to deal with complex projects.
Learn what projects Scrum is for.
Learn Agile and Scrum Theory
Learn Scrum Elements and their rules
Learn how to implement Scrum in real world
Get familiar with PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) exam
To prepare learners on how to take the PSM I exam
Although this course’s name is Scrum product owner, Participants learn Scrum deeply especially whys behind the Scrum elements and theory. So, it is a strongly reliable beginning step into the Scrum world.
Participants will learn Scrum fundamentals by which they can implement Scrum in their teams and organizations and also can be prepared for one of the most popular exams i.e. PSM I globally which is issued by Scrum.org
Software team members.
Learn what complexity means.
Learn what are the risks in complex projects
Learn how to create value continuously while controlling the risks
Learn how to develop products iteratively and deliver incrementally
Learn how to gather customer’s feedback iteratively and adapt their work based on the feedback.
Start point in using Scrum. Scrum is the most popular and leading agile framework all over the world. So, its demand is increasing every day.
It is also a great entrance for people who are interested in being a Scrum Master.
And it is mandatory for all people who work in software industry because we live in a super-fast changing world in which every day we see changes around us. Therefore, we should learn how to be comfortable with constant changes. Scrum is the solution.
Scrum Product Owner >>
Advanced Scrum Mastery >>
Elementary Product Ownership >>
Advanced Product Ownership >>
Scrum Developer >>
Agile Leadership.
Read “The Scrum Guide” carefully.
The article “The Scrum Values” by Gunther Verheyen.
The Scrum Glossary.
Practice Scrum Open assessment many times until you could be able to pass the exam with a 100% score in 10 minutes.
Watch this course really carefully.
This course makes participants familiar with Scrum foundation and for PSM I exam it brings a lot of tips and tricks with the material which really help participants to pass the exam.
They will learn how to be a great team player with a lot of teamwork skills and will learn how to work collectively to create and deliver value continuously. They will learn to manage risks which can lead to big failures. Finally, they’ll learn how to make satisfied and happy customers.

2 reviews for Scrum Product Owner

  1. Archie Robinson

    GlobalSkill clearly outlines the steps that will be used to resolve a query for e-learning modules, outshines another self-learning websites good work by GlobalSkill and Joe from the customer care team. Course completed.

  2. Marie Carter

    This is the best course for anyone who wants to do Scrum Product Owner for professionals, to learn latest technologies

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